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Our menu SEASON 28,00 €



Burrata cheese salad, concasse tomato, avocado and basil pesto


Our typical Meat Cannellonii XL with gratin cheese ( 1.0€)


Fresh pappardelle pasta with Porcini Cream and Parmesan


Beef Carpaccio with Parmesan and mizuna leaf with mushroms mustard vinaigrette


Roasted beef ravioli with leek sauce witrh nuts


Rockfish soup with clams, mussels and red prawn ( 1.2€)



Grilled Feet Pork with Baked Potatoes


Cod with Garlic Mousseline


Baked Sea Bream with oven Potatoes


Pork knuckle confit


Hamburger with Oporto Sauce and french Fries


Grilled Iberian pork entrecote with warm potatoes and Padró green peppers ( 2.0€)


Rubia Gallega Grilled veal Entrecote (400gr) ( 4.0€)



Brownie with vanilla ice cream


Creamy puff pastry with soft lemon


Homemade cheese cake with raspberry coulis


Typical Catalan cream


Vanilla ice cream with chocolate


Carrot cake with yogur and mandarina ice cream




Bread with Tomatoe (3.8)

Drinks not included.

The menus can be modified without previous notice, guaranteeing the same quality.