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Our menu PLATETS 48,00 €



Apple Crisp and Micuit


Smoked sardine canapé with tomato and apple tartare


Monkfish and shrimp croquettes (u.)


Macaron with goat cheese


Galician Blonde Beef Tartare Steak


Watermelon cold soup


Anchovies from l'Escala with extra virgin olive oil


MAIN COURSE (to choose)

58/5000 Sea bass fillet with hummus, potato


Codfish with garlic mousseline and tomato confit


Mature entrecote of grilled Galician blonde


Grilled octopus leg made in Galician style


Aragonese lamb shank confit with apples and Porto sauce


DESERTS (to choose)


Carrot cake with yogur and mandarina ice cream


Mojito sorbet


Creamy puff pastry with soft lemon


Celebration cake (supl.1)



Black 2019 - Heretat Mont Rubí - Penedes


Mont Rubi White 2019 - Heretat Mont Rubi , Penedès





Mineal water
* Consult Wine cellar (surcharge)

For any modification, we ask that you notify us in advance. This way we can guarantee a better service. To guarantee the best quality of the dishes and to be able to continue offering the fresh product, the menus can be modified without prior notice guaranteeing the same quality. In case of food intolerance, please notify our staff in advance.